Le Moujik Mareï
Censure / Censorship
Ina Erotica
Machines Sensibles / Sensitive devices
Les faits du hasard / The facts of chance
Little Miss Sunshine

Ina Erotica

Création d'une collection pour Ina Éditions: Ina Erotica. Ina Erotica réedite les nouvelles érotiques issus du recueil Venus Eroticaécrit par Anaïs Nin en 1957.Le corpus d'images qui accompagne les textes est issu des archives du site ina.fr et met en parallèle textes et images d'époques sensiblement proches.

Creation of a book series for Ina Éditions called Ina Erotica. Ina Erotica republishes erotic short stories by Anaïs Nin first published in 1957. The books small dimensions are inspired by 18th-century erotic books, which were made to be easy to hide. The pictures associated with the texts are from the archives of INA (Institut National de l’audiovisuel) and date from the 1960s. The result is a mixed-media book collection that deals with eroticism in the media environment of the 1960s.